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Tri-County Bicycle Association

Tri-County Bicycle Association

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June 3, 2020


SummerTour Riders and Volunteers,


On May 27, 2020 the SummerTour Committee met via a Zoom meeting to discuss the status of SummerTour 2020 relative to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We proceeded optimistically towards keeping SummerTour open as scheduled by monitoring executive orders, recommendations and guidelines from federal, state and regional authorities. Unfortunately, there are too many unanswered questions and putting all this together would make SummerTour 2020 a much different tour than we were planning.


Our consensus is much to our chagrin, that the 31st SummerTour should not take place in 2020. The Tri-County Bicycle Association Board endorsed this at their board meeting last night.


We believe this difficult decision is necessary to keep you, our riders, our crew, the campground staff, and the community at large safe so that we may all ride another day. There is also the distinct possibility that SummerTour 2020 would be prohibited due to State of Michigan restrictions on large events. Regardless, we could not in good conscience risk bringing 150 people together from all over Michigan and surrounding states in these uncertain times.


We have investigated the potential of postponing our visit to Marion, and the area, to 2021 and it is possible. We believe that this would be the best way to maintain a top notch and much liked tour that you have come to expect. Therefore, we are postponing SummerTour 2020 to July 14 – 18, 2021.


All registrations, t-shirt and hat orders will be transferred to SummerTour 2021 unless a refund from SummerTour 2020/2021 is specifically requested. SummerTour jerseys will be mailed out to all who ordered them, as they have been ordered from Primal and FloraVelo and are beginning to arrive. Refund requests for SummerTour 2020/2021 need to be made by contacting us via email at: SummerTour@biketcba.organd will be subject to the standard cancellation fee of $30 per person. Refund requests should be submitted by July 1, 2020.We expect the registration amount for a new SummerTour 2021 will increase as we will have to pay more for additional safeguards. If you do not request a refund, we will not charge you any additional amount for SummerTour 2021. 


For this summer we hope that you are able to safely get plenty of bicycling in and stay healthy. We hope to see you all in 2021.



Ginger Royston

Tour Director


Tri-County Bicycle Association


May 11, 2020


To all our SummerTour riders and crew,


As a follow-up to our previous email we wanted to touch base with you again. As we mentioned, our deadline to make a decision on the final status of the SummerTour 2020 is by early June. With the latest Michigan stay-at-home order extended to May 28, our committee will be discussing it seriously the end of May.


Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned,


SummerTour Committee 

April 25, 2020

To all our SummerTour riders and crew,


The SummerTour committee is well on its way to planning and preparing for SummerTour 2020. We have now had to include the impact of the pandemic which is affecting us all. We are optimistic that the tour will go as scheduled. We expect a few changes and extra steps to make it a safe adventure. The SummerTour committee is monitoring this situation, listening to our federal, state, regional and local civic leaders. 



In the meantime, watch for more than our usual “Welcome to SummerTour” email.


We look forward to connecting with friends we only see on SummerTour; smooth, paved farm roads; wooded rail-trails; and Chuck’s great breakfasts outdoors.


Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned,

SummerTour Committee 


SummerTour 2020  

Tour Overview


This year’s family-friendly five-day bicycle tour features routes on roads, the Pere Marquette Trail and the White Pine Trail as well as the Cadillac Pathways (if you are interested in dirt trail riding), all from the convenience of a single camping location, Veteran’s Memorial Park Campground in Marion, MI.


The tour will begin on Wednesday, July 15 and end on Sunday, July 19, 2020. Camping will be available starting on Tuesday, July 14 after 4 PM at no additional charge. On Sunday riders will return to the campground in time to pack and leave by 2 PM.


Daily routes will vary between 25 and 75, with various options. The Sunday rides will be a shorter variety to allow for returning to camp, shower and check-out by 2 PM.


This is primarily a tent camping tour, with provision for some RV's (for an extra fee). Be ready to “Ride Your Own Story.” Take your bicycle anywhere. Do your own thing. We’ll be back in the same campground at the end of the day.


Included in the basic fee are tent camping facilities, route maps, Use of RideWithGPS, SAG service, and meals. Dinners Wednesday through Saturday, and breakfasts Thursday through Sunday are provided and served in a pavilion at the campground. SummerTour has our own Campground Hosts to help you with questions and provide you with light snacks daily in the afternoons as well as group campfires with S'mores and munchies some evenings.


SummerTour is sponsored by the Tri-County Bicycle Association (TCBA) of Lansing, MI and is open to all capable interested bicyclists. You need not be a member of any organization to participate. The first 150 entries will be accepted. 


For more information or questions email, or call 734-330-2283 (leave message)

Optional T-Shirts

Adult t-shirts are $21and Children’s t-shirts are $11

  Optional Primal Jersey's
TCBA Members $50
Non-members $60

FloraVelo Women's Jerseys
TCBA members $60
Non-members $70

Optional Hats

Are $20

ST Hat


Online Registration begins at 4 PM on Saturday, January 4, 2020


Fee for SummerTour is:
$225.00 for ages 18 years and up
$100.00 for children 13 - 17 years
  Children under 13 years as of July 15, 2020 are free


SummerTour Event

2020 SummerTour News

2020 SummerTour News

Map of this years SummerTour 

Will be added when routes are finalized.

Please check back.

New this year we will use a RideWithGPS Experience.

This is a new option from RideWithGPS. It allows you to have Turn by Turn voice navigation on your cell phone for the tour with a free RideWithGPS app without needing to create a Ride With GPS account. It also allows you to have other information about the tour on your phone like meal times, SAG phone numbers, and allows us to send you messages to communicate important information. This is all offline so it can be download before the tour and will not use any data or require cell service during use. You can also download the RideWithGPS files to your GPS. To learn more please go to If you have any questions please email

All registered SummerTour riders will receive a link after all routes are finalized.


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