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Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw (DALMAC) tour

When: Aug 27-Aug 31, 2014
Where: East Lansing, MI
  • Traditional Four Day West with Quad Century option
  • Five Day East (New!)
  • Five Day
  • Five Day UP

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The Dick Allen Lansing to Mackinaw Bicycle Tour, which is a nationally known bicycle camping tour, was originated in 1971 by former State Representative Dick Allen of Ithaca. The objectives of DALMAC are to develop an awareness of bicycling and its needs among the citizens of Michigan, to promote bicycling as a healthy means of transportation and recreation, and to encourage wider participation in bicycle use. DALMAC staff & crew are almost exclusively volunteers from the Tri-County Bicycle Association(TCBA). TCBA is DALMAC's only sponsor. A large part of any surplus funds goes to the DALMAC Fund that has distributed over $1 Million to bicycling related projects throughout Michigan. All routes begin at the MSU Pavilion in East Lansing and follow country roads whenever possible to attempt to provide the safest, most scenic routes between campgrounds.

Who Can Ride?

DALMAC is open to individuals, families, and all capable, interested bicyclists. Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or responsible adult who must ride with them. We reserve the right to reject future applications or remove riders from the tour without refund for violations of the DALMAC rules.

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