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The Dick Allen Lansing to MACkinaw is a major event for TCBA and attracts riders from around the world for a fantastic 4 or 5 day ride through the beautiful State of Michigan.  DALMAC originated in 1971 when former State Representative Dick Allen challenged his colleagues and constituents with a ‘ride all the way to the bridge’ to prove that bikes and cars could share Michigan roads safely. We've done it ever since.
Click here: DALMAC for complete information and registration information. 



The Mackinac Bridge Authority, has shortened the crossing time window for Sunday morning by a 1/2 hour – 8AM to 10AM Only, no exceptions…


They expect higher traffic volume, due to the bridge closure on Monday.


No DALMAC riders will be allowed to enter the Mackinac bridge after 10:00AM - Please plan your morning accordingly.


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